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Common Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Common Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

A NASA study theorised that productivity falls by 3.6% for every degree over 22C. So your heating and cooling systems have the power to keep your space feeling comfortable and productive. They can set the tone for those in your space and those who enter it.

A broken HVAC unit can make this space the exact opposite, especially on hot summer nights.
That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for HVAC repair. Today, we’ve gathered some common signs for you to look out for. Read on for more:

If your AC unit is blowing warm air it could be many different things. The system may be out of refrigerant. If so this is a very easy fix but if your air conditioner is still blowing out this air and the refrigerant levels are normal then you should call an HVAC repair specialist.

This problem could be being caused by different areas of your HVAC unit. It could be your outside unit or there may be an air duct that is letting in unconditioned air. Either way, a professional will be able to spot the answer quickly and find a solution to have your AC running right.

Utility Costs Are Rising

This is one of the most common ways to see that you need an HVAC repair. If you notice a sudden increase in your electricity bills and you haven’t made any drastic changes recently it may be your HVAC unit.

This may be happening because your filters are dirty. Dirty filters can cause air flow to be restricted and as a result, your unit will need to work harder to make up for it.

However, if you have cleaned your filters and they are still rising the problem may be a leak in your system or bad parts.

Rooms Are Different Temperatures

If some rooms in your area are different temperatures, this is a much larger problem in your HVAC system. It could be that you need a bigger system or that some ducts have been damaged and are restricting air flow.

One common cause of this problem is a damaged thermostat. If you have replaced the thermostat and the rooms feel the same its time to call an HVAC repair professional. This problem can also be avoided with regular maintenance check-ups every now and then.

Your System Is Noisy

Noisy HVAC systems can mean different repairs depending on the noise it makes. A rattling or humming noise inside the air conditioning unit can indicate that a fan on the inside is loose or that it needs to be cleaned. If this is the problems then it’s a quick fix.

If your HVAC unit is banging or clanking, then this can be a more serious problem. Noises like this can mean that parts are loose and moving around. Trying to fix the problem yourself may do more harm than good.

If you hear a clicking coming from your system don’t worry too much. This usually just means the unit is starting up.

Exposed Wires

If you ever suspect something wrong with your unit and you see exposed wires call an HVAC repair specialist immediately. These can be extremely dangerous and pose a risk of electrocution.

If you open a heating or cooling unit and see exposed wires never try and put them back yourself. You can cause yourself serious injury.

Furthermore, if there are wiring problems with your system then this can indicate a larger HVAC system problem. A technician may be able to make repairs to get it working again but you should get ready for a replacement.

Old Age

Most HVAC units only last up to 20 years. If your system is approaching that age, you might be needed an HVAC repair soon. Keep up with regular maintenance to ensure you will get the most years from the system.

Start talking with your HVAC specialists about when it will be time to replace your unit with a new one. If your system is getting old, chances are it is slowly becoming less efficient.

This means that it will probably be using more energy then it should and as a result causing a higher utility bill. Try to keep up with the unit’s refrigerant to make sure it isn’t running out. An older system will also take longer to cool your house down.

Decreased Air Flow

If you feel as though the air flow in your space has decreased suddenly it could be because of your outdoor unit. Check the condensing unit for anything that might have gotten attached to it.

If there are things like grass or branches attached it might be restricting its ability to receive air. If this is not a simple fix, the problem may be in the system. Dirty coil or clogged ducts can be the cause.

Hiring a professional can help you get to the problem quickly. An expert can also fix it correctly so no more damage is done.


If you live in an area that gets extremely humid during the warmer seasons, your HVAC system puts in serious work. The AC unit needs to not only cool your space but also remove all of that humidity out of it.

This process can wear your unit out after a long time. If your house is not removing the amount of humidity that it should, this can be a larger problem that requires a professional.

The humidity could be because your AC unit does not work hard enough, in which case a professional could optimise it for the job. Or the humidity could be due to your ventilation system.

Delays in Turning On

If your HVAC unit is slow in turning on or does not turn on at all this is an obvious job for HVAC repair. This problem may be because of a faulty thermostat, which is an easy fix.

If the thermostat doesn’t fix the problem, it is likely something more complex. One reason may be that the HVAC unit’s ignition isn’t working, or the wires on the inside of your units may be burnt out.

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Having a broken HVAC system can cause discomfort and frustration in your living space. Identifying the signs you need a repair is only the first step.

Don’t wait to get your system looked at as the problem can get worse or spread to other parts of the system. If you want to set up an appointment to get your unit looked at contact us today.

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