Renewable Energy The Missed Opportunity

Renewable Energy The Missed Opportunity

Renewable Energy
The Missed Opportunity
What is the Government Doing?

The last Budget of this parliament held few surprises for the construction industry, however reactions remain mixed, mostly voices from the sector urged for co-operation from the next government for the removal of unnecessary bureaucracy.
The Renewable Energy Association’s chief executive, Dr Nina Skorupska, described the Budget as a ‘missed opportunity’ for renewables. She said: “The procurement of renewable energy is crucial to meet the UK’s legally binding energy targets in a cost-effective manner, improving energy security and delivering skilled jobs and inward investment.”
“We challenge the next government to level the playing field for emerging technologies and create a policy framework which provides long-term certainty for investors.”
UK Energy Targets Missed Though Red Tape

Fundamentally, without a framework and without simplification of approvals, renewables can be expensive and time consuming to utilise. This runs in the face of the UK energy targets for sure and is no help to the companies or consumers.
As a country we certainly need to be greener. We would like to see the government taking more steps to ensure we are all more energy efficient. Installing renewable energy sources in commercial buildings, old and new, will ultimately lead to greater energy security and cost savings (ROI is measurable).
Colin Timmins, of BEAMA Underfloor, said: “We are disappointed that the Chancellor has failed to provide more focus on the subject of energy efficiency. In particular it would have been good to see the government set out a long-term commitment to the Renewable Heat Incentive.”
What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.
Renewable energy replaces conventional fuels in four distinct areas: electricity generation, hot water/space heating, motor fuels, and rural (off-grid) energy services.
Electricity and Water Supply are most often the largest costs to commercial facilities, costs that can be measured, managed and save companies a great deal of spend.
Based on REN21’s 2014 report, renewables contributed 19 percent to our energy consumption and 22 percent to our electricity generation in 2012 and 2013, respectively. So we are seeing a change in direction for the good, but it really needs to be so much faster.
Companies Take Action

The ECA scheme allows businesses to write off the whole cost of energy-saving plant or machinery specified on the Energy Technology List (ETL) against taxable profits in the year of purchase.
This can provide a cash flow boost and an incentive to invest in energy-saving equipment which normally carries a price premium when compared to less efficient alternatives.
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Consumers Take Action

Such is the interest in renewable energy that there are crowd financing platforms for renewable energy projects like Trillion Fund enabling individuals to invest directly in renewable projects of their choosing – and at a return greater than banks are paying.
Regardless of whether you believe in manmade climate change or have “green” aspirations, there is a strong case for renewable energy (quite apart from the environmental benefits), renewables:
a) Are backed by reliable technology and a limitless, free resource (wind, sun, water etc)
b) Generate lower CO2 emissions
c) Offer greater energy security – removing the insecurity of dependence on other nations as suppliers (so making energy costs yet cheaper)
d) Offer the prospect of lower energy bills over the long term. The closer your supply is, the cheaper it should be. There are moves afoot to offer lower tariffs if you move to a green energy source.
e) And more renewable energy in the mix should also lead to more stable electricity prices and less market dominance by the Big Six suppliers, now that would be refreshing.
How M&E Maintenance Solutions Is Helping

So the case is clear, renewables are good for the environment, your pocket and your soul and we at M&E Maintenance Solutions support all initiatives to further this market, saving our customers’ time and money every step of the way.
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