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Building Fabric Repairs & Maintenance

Important Attributes of M&E Property Solutions

An innovative firm focusing on the restoration and repair of any building’s interior and exterior fabrics, M&E Property Solutions stands ready to provide high-quality service.

The trained professionals in our company pride themselves on the work they do and will do everything in their power to limit the amount of disturbance caused to your business operations throughout the duration of their service. Our team’s efforts are the result of careful planning and strategies designed to fulfil the planned, responsive and preventative tasks required by clients across the Midlands.

Each of our technicians receives a clearly identifiable uniform, making them easy to spot on all worksites. We also provide our workers with identification cards which are visibly displayed on their uniforms, heightening the overall feeling of security and professionalism our client’s desire. All of us at M&E Property Solutions are dedicated to the goal of offering affordable, yet top-quality service.

Besides responsive and pre-planned services, we have the ability to provide handyman services on a weekly contract basis so that clients will always have help close at hand. This gives firms the flexibility of making expenditures for handyman service just at the times it is needed.

Building Fabric Services We Provide:

  • Masonry and Bricklaying
  • Carpentry Services
  • Vinyl Floors and Carpeting

  • Concrete
  • Decorative Work
  • Ground-level Excavation and Landscape
  • Window Glazing

  • Erecting Partitions
  • Plaster Work
  • Drainage and Plumbing

  • Building of Scaffolds

  • Drop Ceiling Installation and Repair

Our team is extremely familiar with a wide range of private and public market spheres, such as those involving government, healthcare, educational, commercial, leisure and warehouse distribution, and we grasp the importance of incorporating environmentally friendly and highly functional concepts in everything we do. Our philosophy is centred upon offering sustainable assistance combining modern methodology with maintenance innovations to give clients true value for money.

Repair and Maintenance for Building Fabrics

There can be no denying that all sorts of building maintenance tasks, whether repairing broken glass or addressing a leaky pipe can require a substantial amount of time. The investment required to keep a building in good condition can draw attention away from your fundamental business functions.

Over the past decade, M&E has gained intimate knowledge of the importance of keeping businesses operational during times of facility repair and refurbishment, and we are committed to working collaboratively to ensure seamless scheduling of tasks.

The fabric maintenance work performed by M&E is always done by a team of highly trained Building Services Technicians who appreciate the need for businesses to stay functional throughout the process.

We offer services that encompass:

• Brickwork and Carpentry

• Partitioning and Ceiling Work

• Decor and Painting

• Plumbing and Drainage

• Window Maintenance and Repair

• Comprehensive Survey Work

Prospective clients should know that we have vast experience when it comes to working with existing service professionals and contractors to create a comprehensive service experience that keeps facilities running smoothly at all times. Review the Prospectus of Services for M&E here.

We are pleased to offer an hourly Handy Man Service at very affordable rates.

Emergency Site Visits

M&E is a leader in providing on-site emergency service visits. Our priority is always to help business premises remain open and functional whenever possible, and, therefore, we maintain a help desk that stands ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is no question about our commitment to helping businesses remain open and available to customers and employees, no matter the circumstance. Therefore, our continuously-staffed help desk makes certain that M&E Building Fabric Maintenance Service professionals are always accessible.

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