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‘The reward is not just an effective and socially responsible system but one which will save on energy costs’

The Government is committed to supporting renewable energy as part of a diverse, low-carbon and secure energy mix. Alongside gas and low-carbon transport fuels, nuclear power and carbon capture and storage (CCS), renewable energy brings energy security, decarbonisation of our economy and green growth. Since the first Renewable Energy Roadmap in 2011, the UK is on track to meet our first interim target on the way towards our ambitious target of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

We have seen a year of vibrant growth and investment that has brought thousands of new jobs and is driving down the costs of renewables. Whilst this Renewable Energy Roadmap focuses on reaching our 2020 targets, it is clear that renewables will have a pivotal role to play in the UK energy mix in the decades beyond. To meet this target M&E is committed to investing in training for the renewable markets and have renewable energy system available to view in our showroom in Aston, Birmingham.

A low carbon footprint is the net result of specifying energy efficient products or simply approaching a heating or cooling requirement with a broad mind (and knowledge) of all the latest energy efficient technologies available. The team at M&E review these frequently – see our innovations pages.

Government targets and legislation, of which organisations should be aware and stay compliant, are a significant part of your HVAC Compliance Plan. For example:

• The energy performance Building Directive
• The 15% renewable energy Target by 2020
• The Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EPBD)
• The 10% renewable energy target
• The requirements of Part L or F-Gas of the Building Regulations

The reward of compliance is not just an effective and socially responsible system, but one which will save on energy costs. We will work with you to ensure compliance and quantify your building’s energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

You may also qualify for some valuable Government schemes run by the Carbon Trust. We will advise and simplify the application process by assisting you at every stage.

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