Partner Programme

Strategic Partners
Become an M&E Strategic Partner
M&E strategic partners work closely with M&E to deliver comprehensive commercial building installation, maintenance and repair solutions to our mutual customers.
Our strategic partners are professional commercial facility support companies that are aligned culturally to M&E providing the same level of customer care and service, exceptional trained staff in support of the services they provide, and extend M&Es network assuring us of the global, local reach that enables M&E to be there for our shared customers 24/7.
Customers rely on this level of support to maintain their facilities keeping them up-and-running, compliant, improving the working environment (boosting productivity across the company) and protecting their long-term investments.
Grow your revenue as an M&E strategic partner
Become an M&E strategic partner and meet the commercial facility support needs of customers of all sizes, in all industries.
Whether you operate in BMS controls, fire alarms, water treatment, generators, building trades, access controls, cleaning, security, catering or more partnering with M&E can help you win more customers and add revenue to your existing business.
M&E provides building repair and maintenance, installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrics for all commercial buildings – so whether you are single or multi-disciplined, a small or larger organisation please get in touch – it’s good to work together.
to discuss a strategic partnership with m&e
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