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Commercial Building Services

Expert servicing or an in depth maintenance survey of your Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning plant (HVAC) should be an important part of your business infrastructure.

Service and maintenance activities will maintain the optimum efficiency of your assets, prolong life expectancy, and reduce the risk of costly plant or system failure and needless, costly energy use. M&E Maintenance Solutions ensures the continuing performance and reliability of your equipment.

You are required to meet health and safety regulations and ever more complex heating and air conditioning legislation. We offer contracts on all HVAC installations. These extend to both new installations and existing plant.

M&E Maintenance Solutions is here to help you maximise your business efficiency, reduce down-time through system failure, save energy and meet health and safety regulations.

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At M&E, we offer commercial maintenance services aimed at keeping commercial buildings and properties looking their best, and performing well. Our staff will keep your buildings welcoming to both your clients and your employees. Just like all the services offered by M&E, you can certainly expect quality work and relationship, which will be specially designed to meet your specific needs.

We help commercial property managers, real estate building owners, and facility professionals to run their buildings cost effectively, and more efficiently, to ensure comfort for all the employees, customers or tenants. As one of the leading commercial building maintenance services provider in the UK, we can also service all of your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. We also offer an on-site maintenance team and we can supplement any in-house facility or engineering staff with a specialised team of technicians.

Mechanical and HVAC services

Our technicians have the training and experience to understand the various challenges of operating many kinds of commercial buildings including high-rise corporate headquarters; office buildings, multi-tenant office buildings, data centres and distribution warehouses with HVAC services, we help our clients to preserve their property investment, prolong the life expectancy of their equipment and property, maintain an optimum efficiency for all assets, and minimize energy use.

Some of our commercial services include:

  • HVAC systems installations and repair
  • HVAC systems maintenance
  • Energy management services
  • Integrated facility services with custodial options
  • Maximising business efficiency and reducing downtime through system failure
  • Data centre cooling

We also support our clients’ needs with our 24/7 out of hours call out service. Our staff and technicians are essentially a phone call away. With the annual preventative maintenance agreements, our clients are guaranteed a fast response time, ensuring that their HVAC issues are attended to immediately. Our goal is minimizing your HVAC system downtime to ensure that the office and residential temperatures are comfortable for your employees and tenants.

Customer Support

Whenever we offer our HVAC services to your business or property, you will always be in the know from our communication outreach program. In this case, you will get continuous updates that keep you on the loop on each of the HVAC services, so that you will be aware of what to expect about each result of a service call. Our company is certainly committed to excellence in customer service.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Reminders about pending appointments before service calls
  • Preferred service technician option
  • Quality assurance visits on-site
  • Client surveys within 24 hours of service
  • Service log binders and equipment labels that keep equipment service history

At M&E, we value collaborating with our clients. We aim at developing a long-term relationship with our customers, and a solid understanding of the specific goals and budgets of each customer.

Our maintenance services ensure that the cooling and heating systems run optimally and that the buildings are maintained at a top operating condition. With the following differentiators, our performance and value are quite unsurpassed.

  • Emergency response times guaranteed for our contract maintenance clients
  • Our services are seamlessly integrated into the operations of each client
  • Constant customer surveys and proactive communication
  • Trustworthy staff DBS Cleared to enhanced levels
  • Strict business ethics, excellent safety features, and records, as well as top quality work, are of utmost importance in our company

M&E provides you with expert building services maintenance to maintain an optimum performance and efficiency of all your assets, limit the risk of costly system or plant downtimes and failure, reduce energy use and prolong the life expectancy of your equipment. We know that you need to meet certain health and safety regulations, and we work to offer contracts on all HVAC installations.

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