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How To Choose HVAC Contractors To Service Your Commercial Building

Running a commercial building is no easy task. Whether you have the whole place to yourself or you lease the space for other businesses, there are many details to take care of. From the security performance to the electrical bill and routine maintenance checks, you’ve got your hands full.

Thankfully, there are all kinds of services available to help you manage everything – like surveillance cameras and HVAC contractors.

A commercial HVAC contractor is someone who knows how large buildings work and the kind of care their air conditioning needs. This person can help you catch issues before they become big problems, and may even know how to save you a bit of money on that big electric bill. But, you need to find the right contractor, or team of contractors, for the job. Here are all the steps to take to make sure you choose the right HVAC company.

Get HVAC Contractor Recommendations

Don’t let your search for an HVAC contractor become a wild goose hunt. Start by asking other people in your professional network if they’ve recently had an AC work done on their building.

Chances are, they have and they know just the AC contractor you need. While this is a great sign, you shouldn’t stop there. Every person you ask is probably going to come up with a different recommendation, so you have to find a way to start narrowing down your options.

Do Your Own Research

Once you have a few recommendations from people you know well and trust, start to do a bit of your own research. Visit each contractor’s website and find out more about them.

Visit Their Websites

When you go to a contractor’s website, look into the services they offer and read a little bit about their company history. How long have they been in business? Do they work exclusively with commercial buildings or do they specialize in residential services, too? Such details will help you get a feel for their HVAC knowledge and experience. You don’t want to end up working with a team of contractors that just got into the business. It’s always better to find a company that has been doing this for years.

Check Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are another important detail to keep in mind. No matter how long a company has been in business if they don’t have a good amount of testimonials to show for their work, somethings up.

The most reputable AC repair contractors will have detailed customer testimonials on display. You’re likely to find these on their “About Us” page, their “Contact” page, or sprinkled all over the website.

Read Off-Site Reviews

In addition to testimonials, you should read a few reviews. What’s the difference? A testimonial is a customer review that has been hand-selected by a company for them to display. They may have even asked for a special quote from a close friend or a business they’ve been working with for years. These offer great information, but they don’t always tell the whole story.

Reviews, though, will display the good and the bad. These can easily be found on a company’s Facebook page or their Google My Business profile. You can glance at the reviews to see what kind of star rating an HVAC contractor company has or dig a little deeper and find out why people gave one star or four stars. The more information you have, the better. You can’t get carried away by the “great prices” or “speedy service” a contractor promises if their reviews reveal they’re not as great as the sales pitch wants you to believe.

Contact Your Top Choices

After reading testimonials and reviews, you should have your list of possible AC repair contractors down to two or three. Now it’s time to reach out to your top choices directly.

You can call them or send them an email. Either way, be sure to ask for a quote and set up a time to meet in person.

Get a Quote

A quote is an estimate of how much your HVAC contract will cost. Sure, you can look at the prices listed on a contractor’s website, but in reality, every service they do is a little bit different.

The final price will depend on how big of a commercial building you have and all the work that needs to be done. If you need a major repair versus a minor maintenance check, you can expect the price to go up.
This is why meeting in person is crucial before you make your final choice. It allows the contractor to get a good idea of the kind of rate to offer, which works for the benefit of you and them.

Meet in Person

There are more benefits to meeting in person than just to get an accurate quote (although this is extremely important). This also allows you to see how well you connect with your contractor and to gauge how much HVAC knowledge they really have.

It’s your time to ask questions about everything from what you can expect during the time of service to the intricacies of your HVAC. Use this as a chance to bring up how to lower your electric costs or to ask about what you can do to better heat or cool the building without putting so much stress on the HVAC unit.
Schedule a Service with Your New HVAC Contractors

Last but not least, make your final choice. The right HVAC contractors should be obvious after you meet with a few options. Now, all you have to do is schedule a service and let them get to work!

Don’t forget to keep us in mind as you choose your contractors. M&E Maintenance Solutions has been serving commercial and residential buildings all over the UK for over ten years. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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