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What Is Window Glazing and Why Does Your Office Need It?

Windows have several functions but do yours have the capability to accomplish these all at once?

Not all windows are equal and some may be better than the other on a certain function.

What makes them different, though? The answer to that is the technology used, one of which is the glazing. It allows windows to do more than allowing you to see through it.

It's present in every window, but not all people may know about it. What is window glazing and is it important to buildings? Read more to learn everything about it.

What is Window Glazing?

Window glazing is the sealing of the glass panes and the window frame to make it weathertight. Some windows use putty to create a seal. Some may use gas trapped between the panes to boost their efficiency.

In the past, windows have a simple purpose: to let the light flow in. Although that's still one of its purposes now, windows have come a long way since then.

With the use of glass, windows can then protect people against the outside elements while allowing the sunlight to enter. However, they still came with some problems, such as heat loss.

Today, they come with a system that allows for better efficiency and functionality. They now minimise heat loss, condensation, and air leakage.

Because of these features, windows can do more than protect us from the outside elements. They now help us keep the inside comfortable and keep the bills low through glazing.

Do You Need Window Glazing?

Every home and building needs window glazing, but if you need the exact reasons why, here are some:

Thermal Insulation

Windows and doors are some of the biggest culprits of heat loss or heat gain. This can cause the bills to skyrocket, whether you're trying to stay warm or cool. It helps trap in most of the heat coming from the winter sun or block the heat from the summer sun from coming in.

With engineered and glazed glass windows, you minimise these processes. You can continue to enjoy the sunlight without having to worry about the temperature.

Reducing Energy Usage

As a consequence of the benefit above, you also get to enjoy reduced energy bills! The thermostat won't have to work as much to maintain a comfortable temperature for the employees in an office.

UV Light Protection

Ultraviolet light can be beneficial; after all, it's a key component in our bodies' production of Vitamin D. That's why getting exposure to the sun is advisable to some extent.

However, too much of UV light can turn to be quite dangerous. Even when we're inside the building, we're still vulnerable to prolonged exposure to UV light if we don't get protection, such as a sunscreen lotion.

That's why glazing window panes is important - it provides protection from the harmful rays. At the same time, we get to enjoy the benefits of sunlight and its warmth.

Another benefit is that it protects our furniture pieces, too. Exposure to UV light also causes fading in your carpets, chairs, drapes, and other items.

Safety and Security

Thanks to glazing technology, glass panes can also now provide protection against other elements, such as strong winds and people. Some types of windows are resistant to force with a bulletproof glass as the best example.

This is why high-end stores can have peace of mind with having glass panes instead of concrete walls. Humans with ill-intent will have a hard time breaking them, if they can at all.

Some technologies nowadays also minimise the risk to humans should the glass break. Modern glass breaks into sand-like particles, which are less harmful than shards that can pierce and cut the skin.


Sound-proofing is also a huge benefit of glazing, especially for homes along a busy street. It's also ideal for buildings, wherein the sounds of the busy street need to stay out so employees can focus on their work.

A high-performance glazing can reduce the noise that's coming in by a huge amount. It will allow you to work in peace or to let your baby sleep through the night.

Condensation Reduction

Condensation is bad for buildings. It provides a good environment for moulds to take over your home.

This isn't only bad for the structural integrity of your building, but it's also bad for your health. Window glazing prevents this by reducing the excess moisture on your windows.

Increasing the Resale Value

Ever want to resell your home in the future? Window glazing is a good way to increase its value. This is especially helpful for older homes without this technology.

It can make them more appealing to home buyers, knowing that they can enjoy the benefits above.

Features of Window Glazing

The next question is: what features of window glazing does your office need? There are a lot of issues you might need to address with your office windows, such as heat gains and losses, shading, thermal comfort, and energy requirements among others. You'd need to discuss these with a professional who will then provide the best solution for you.

An example of a great window glazing is a double-pane or triple-pane windows. These refer to windows with 2 or 3 glass panes, which traps a layer of gas in-between the panes. Depending on your heat control and soundproofing needs, you might use one or the other.

One way to add features and alter the properties of windows is to add coatings or tints. An example is the low-emissivity (low-e) coating. It's a layer of metallic oxide reducing the amount of heat passing through the glass.

Tints are great for changing the colour of the glass for aesthetic purposes. However, it can also be in use for reducing solar gains.

Talk to a Professional

You now know what is window glazing and why it is important. The next step is then to talk to a professional who can provide the best solutions for your office windows.

Don't hesitate to talk to the professionals. Contact us now for inquiries and get window glazing down for your own business.

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